Friendly, Ergonomic Tool to lift and carry Doors & Windows Safely!

Easy to use: Simply slide the Gripper V150 over the nail flange and lift. The Gripper V150 is the original lifting tool for confidently handling new construction windows and doors.

Using Nupro Products' grippers increases grip, leverage, and lifting power. These ergonomic tools make moving doors and windows easier, safer, make you look more professional, and help protect your workers and your products from injury and damage.

The Gripper V150 and the Jamb Gripper can provide up to 75% more lifting power compared with conventional pinch grip carrying.*
If the Grippers prevent ONE back injury or one product from being damaged, they've paid for themselves.

*From CDC's NIOSH Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling (p. 34)


The Jamb Gripper handles windows and doors with no nail flange. Used to carry retro-fit style products, the Jamb Gripper makes handling heavy and awkward rennovation products a snap.

"Your products have been a total lifesaver for our delivery drivers as they handle oversize patio doors and windows. There are so many situations where it is easier to use the V150 as opposed to traditional suction cups."

-Joe Kraftchick, Tyee Windows, Abbotsford, BC

"I wanted to share with you how happy I am with the performance of the Nupro Gripper sets we purchased recently. They are one of the best tools we have ever used for handling windows and doors with nail fins. Not only do they save time and require less labor when lifting large units but they also improve safety and reduce damage to product. Every customer and vendor that sees this products loves it.
Thank you"

- Michael Castanon, Premier Windows & Doors

"Central Valley Glass, Inc has been using grippers for several years. We handle windows weighing up to 500 lbs. The grippers allow us to handle the product safely and without damage. It is a great tool and we would highly recommend it."

-Central Valley Glass Inc., Yakima, WA

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