Make safe ergonomic window handling part of your plans.


Easy to use: Simply slide the Gripper V150 over the nail flange and lift. The Gripper V150 is the original lifting tool for confidently handling new construction windows and doors.

Using Nupro Products' grippers increases grip, leverage, and lifting power. These ergonomic tools make moving doors and windows easier, safer, and help protect your workers and your products from injury and damage.

The Gripper V150 and the Jamb Gripper can provide up to 75% more lifting power compared with conventional pinch grip carrying.*

*From CDC's NIOSH Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling (p. 34)


The Jamb Gripper handles windows and doors with no nail flange. Used to carry retro-fit style products, the Jamb Gripper makes handling heavy and awkward rennovation products a snap.